$20 monogrammed toilet paper

I can’t even think of what I could eat that would warrant a $20 monogrammed single roll of toilet paper, but nonetheless it exists.

I thought Naples was the richest city in Florida.  Then I went to Worth Ave. in Palm Beach.

I parked my beat down VW in an alley because it just looked sad amongst the Lambos, Jags, and Hummers.  I was sent to Naples and Palm Beach in one weekend to hit high end shopping districts for a fun, little open-ended Bay Magazine story.  I spent most of my time wandering, jaw dragging along the sidewalk over price tags in windows.  A wallet for $2K.  A lamp for $15K.  A ring for $125K.

Meanwhile, I’m staying in a hopefully disease-free hotel for $79.99.  Oh well, playing rich tourist was fun for a couple days and Bay always treats my rectangles well.

Oh, and I shot some verticals.  I didn’t even know my camera went that way.

6 thoughts on “$20 monogrammed toilet paper

  1. Arrgh…you were here!?! Man, had I known I would have bought you a beer. Or mugged you (I hear you can sell those easy at the pawn shop….a couple easy benjis!). Great pics, btw.

  2. These are awesome. I’m a 24-year-old college student and emerging freelancer, and you’ve been a huge inspiration for me. I was actually one of the students in Jerome’s photojournalism course at North Idaho College you spoke to over webcam.

    I love the Tiffany shot. I feel like it really sums up the extravagance of the area you were at. Really great work Chip!

  3. Love it. I’ve been living in Naples since July and you just showed me a different way of seeing what I’ve been seeing every day for the past 9 months. Awesome.

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